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Indigenous Wisdom & Modern Science
One-Day Telesummit, June 2, 2012, 9am - 4pm
Part of Spring of Sustainability 2012 presented by the Shift Network and Sustainable World Coalition

Indigenous Wisdom Panel Members


Opening Ritual

All My Relations: Reclaiming Our Place in a Larger Order - In this panel, Indigenous wisdom-keepers and modern scientists discuss what it means to be interconnected, how we know it and its practical implications for sustainability.

Greening the Body-Heart-Mind - This session will cover wisdom and practices for greening our body, mind and heart and making us more alive, healthy and aligned within the larger social, spiritual and ecological contexts of our cultures and our world.

Greening our Organizations & Communities - We'll explore best practices for greening our organizations and communities - making them more organic, fluid and adaptable, and resonant with the larger communities of which they are a part.

Honoring the Earth - This panel will discuss how we honor the Earth. How can we blend the Earth-honoring traditions of Indigenous peoples with emerging science and technology to catalyze ecological defense, restoration and stewardship

Sustaining Indigenous Initiatives - International Funders for Indigenous Peoples

Acknowledgments and Closing Ritual

The Shaman's Apprentice - Introduction by co-producer Abigail Wright

  • Evelyn Arce, Director, International Funders for Indigenous Peoples 
  • Sharon Brown, Publisher, Sacred Fire Magazine 
  • Apela Colorado, Founder, Worldwide Indigenous Science Network 
  • Mbali Creazzo, Traditional Healer, Diviner & Medicine Woman 
  • Lawrence Ellis, complexity-science organizational consultant & sustainability advocate 
  • Karla Galdamez, physicist,  bridge-builder between culture & science 
  • Tom Goldtooth, Executive Director, Indigenous Environmental Network 
  • Louis Herman, evolutionary cosmologist & political philosopher 
  • Karen John, Indigenous & modern organizational development 
  • Yacine Badian Kouyate, microbiologist & Indigenous traditions custodian
  • Gabor Maté, physician & author of four best-selling books
  • Kahu Lyons Naone, Hawaiian spirituality, ancient warrior arts, and rituals
  • David Perlmutter, neurologist, author, radio & TV personality
  • Chief Evon Peter, culturally-based leadership and sustainability
  • Mark Plotkin, ethnobotanist, Time Magazine's "Environmental Hero"
  • Belvie Rooks, educator; weaver of spirituality, feminism, environmental justice
  • Namonyah Soipan, Yoruba initiate, Maasai initiate, clinical psychologist
  • Hardin Tibbs, thought leader, strategy consultant and futures researcher
  • Abigail Wright, award-winning documentary film writer and producer

Spring of Sustainability

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