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PLANETARY, a new feature documentary film from Planetary Collective, presents a stunning visual portrait of our Earth, taking us on a journey across continents with intimate interviews with astronauts, scientists, environmentalists and philosophers.

Full-Spectrum Sustainability:
Planetary - The Film

Paths to Change Founder & President, Lawrence Ellis, serves as a consulting producer, casting consultant, and featured expert for the feature-length documentary film, Planetary. He is also a senior advisor to the award-winning company behind the film. Planetary the film is currently in production and scheduled for release in late 2015.

See below for more on Planetary and Lawrence’s role.


Seen over 6.5 million times to date, Overview is an award winning and widely celebrated short film that reveals the incredible and sometimes surprising experience astronauts have when they see our earth from space – a perspective-altering experience often described as the Overview Effect.

The film Planetary is a major sustainability-focused documentary film conceived and produced by Planetary Collective. Their prequel short film, Overview, won the prestigious Digital Media Film Award for 2013 from The Environmental Media Association (EMA).

The followup feature-length documentary film, Planetary, weaves perspectives from various luminaries with a largely original visual narrative, resulting in a powerful communication tool to amplify the message of our interconnectedness, and to deepen awareness, stir remembrance, and catalyze action.

Both films are intended to help convey the vital, perception-shifting message that we and the planet are deeply interconnected — that we are part of the same system and web of life.

Lawrence’s Contributions to Planetary, the Film

Contributing Producer - Senior Advisor - Casting Consultant - Featured-Expert Interviewee

I see the film, Planetary, as part of a life calling for many of us at this time on the planet looking to catalyze our awareness, our intelligence, and our species — as well as the fate of many other species and the web of life itself — to the next plateau. - Lawrence Ellis

Lawrence was chosen as consulting producer, casting consultant, featured interviewee, and senior advisor to the film collective because of his distinctive full-spectrum understanding of the issues, disciplines, and stakeholders involved in the areas of sustainability, complex systems, Indigenous wisdom, and modern science.

He serves as a senior-level guide, teacher, and advisor to the film’s executive team on a range of issues including conceptual direction, casting decisions, and branding and personnel choices.

Of note, the filmmakers declared that Lawrence’s recommendations for securing a greater variety of Indigenous and other perspectives resulted in a final cast that was truly planetary — reflective of the immense human diversity of our planet — in a way that it had not been earlier in the process.

In addition to working with the executive team to finalize the film's launch strategy, Lawrence will be a key architect of a series of global institutional and community dialogues around the film.

Click here to view the trailer for Planetary.

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Learn more about the Planetary Collective, the film Planetary, and watch the Planetary and Overview film trailers.

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